Kids Art

This app started as an idea from a 9-year-old boy who just wanted to share his passion for art using an app! It has now become a fully-automated process to selling his art & custom commissioned projects!

Les Brown

The ultimate goal in building the Les Brown app was to automate the process of traffic & speaking opportunities. In just the 1st 2 years LIVE, it automated over 1000 (and counting) speaking opportunities!

El Aviso

El Aviso Magazine is an award winning Spanish language weekly publication with an average issue audience of more than 600k! It's a one of a kind way to reach a highly responsive Spanish market worldwide!


Trying to manage a team that's in the 6 figures? Twiler Portis with TLC Team USA uses her app to keep her team updated on calls, product launches, events, leaderboards, training, new videos, special offers, + more!


Christopher Kai

When Christopher & Manny 1st sat down, they mapped out a plan to build & launch this app faster than has ever been done before by Manny's team (9 days with Sharon Lechter). Within 72 hours, the app was LIVE on Google Play & Apple. A world-record!

Victor Valley News

Not only does Manny help you build your mobile app in record time, but he also outlines a strategy to success which Victor Valley News implemented perfectly. Within 5 days of launching their app, they were #3 in "News & Magazines" Nationwide!

John C. Morgan

In 2017, John C. Morgan launched his book, "War On Fear" & called Manny to see how he can make this into a #1 Best-Seller. He integrated a unique campaign that gave a special gift within the app after purchase. The book became a #1 Best-Seller!


Manny's digital version of himself to access all his eduation & resources on-demand 24/7! Currently LIVE in over 40 countries with 5000+ global users! Promote your business for free, earn MannyBUX daily, & get access to exclusive content!



"One of the best... a Facebook marketing star!"

Facebook Small Business Team


"Manny's mobile app technology is incredible!"

Les Brown
Motivational Speaker,


"Insightful, very influential, it's caused me to rethink the way I do business! I can definitely see the need to be more innovative! Thanks Manny!"

Melissa Hull Gallemore
Best-Selling Author, Speaker


"To have a valuable resource like Manny on our team coaching us, helping us, providing constant value, you just can't get any better than that!"

Donnie Knips
Business Development Consultant


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